Meghan and Nick

Lower Notley Hall Farm- A Southern Maryland venue is the ultimate hidden gem when it comes to barn venues with an elegant *twist*. I am in love with this venue! It is tucked back into some good old Southern Maryland farm land, but is only conveniently about 30 minutes South of LaPlata!

The house is an original farm house renovated for an antique and elegant feel with all the best natural light for the best getting ready portraits! I love that you get the “original” feel of the house as you first walk in! The barn is a beautiful wood construction that makes your wedding venue oh-so cozy with beautiful waterfront sunsets! I can not say enough!

Lower Notley Manor Farm was the perfect place for Meghan and Nick’s wedding day! They enjoyed getting ready inside the beautiful farm house before they walked out back to exchange their vows right on the water with all of their closest friends and family!

We took some gorgeous portraits on this long dirt road covered by cedar trees and out in front of the house. It brought back all of the good vibes from their engagement session last year in King George, Virginia!

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January 17, 2021

An Elegant Fall Wedding at Lower Notley Hall Farm

Jessica and John

Jessica and John’s session at the Lincoln Memorial was a dream come true! We braved the city on a Sunday, in the middle of a pandemic, with the crazy protests that have been happening here lately. It went quite smoothly! The crowds were there, but not terribly bad for being later in the morning!

We had a great time, we enjoyed the wonderful weather and the beautiful D.C. sites! Jessica and John wanted to document little Leo’s first trip to DC and boy, it was a good one!

Jessica and I work at the same fire department and i am so excited to see this little family grow!

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November 14, 2020

A Fall Lincoln Memorial Maternity Session

Shannon and Rob

This was my first trip to Shenandoah National Park and it was the perfect way to start out the fall engagement season! The mountain overlooks are incredible and 100% worth taking the trip up there if you have never been. The overlooks in the park have views that you could sit and stare at all day if you had the time.

Shannon and Rob wanted to do their session here and of course i was totally down for new experiences! Plus, this was on my bucket list of placed to shoot and it didn’t disappoint! The fact that they were so comfortable in front of the camera and the backdrop there wasn’t a bad picture, it was almost impossible! I cant’ wait for my next opportunity to come back up and enjoy the beauty! This session was the perfect warm up for their wedding at Dulaney’s Overlook next year! I am so excited to see them again!!

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November 9, 2020

An Autumn Shenandoah National Park Engagement

Laura and Kenny

You couldn’t ask for a better September day for a beautiful wedding at Landino Farm. Landino Farm is a beautiful farm tucked off the beaten path in King George County, Virginia. This is any brides barn venue dreams! The tall unfinished ceilings and the chandeliers are definitely some of the first selling points.

Laura and Kenny had the picture perfect wedding day from A to Z! The rain held off until later that evening despite what the weather man was calling for a few days leading up to it making getting portraits easy peasy. They exchanged their vows and said i do in the open field on the property, then moved inside for the reception.

I do have to say, I am a sucker for first dances. Laura and her fathers first dance pulled on the ole heart strings. They shared their first dance to the same song my father and i shared at my wedding. Cue the water works! The father daughter dances get me every time, but that one was special!

That’s not it though! Laura and Kenny’s family and friends know how to party! The night ended in dancing, singing on the dance floor and enjoying some adult beverages in celebration! I had a blast partying with this crowd! This all and all, was an amazing day to remember!

I am looking forward to shooting more weddings at Landino Farm in the future!

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Hair | Melissa Clark at Texxturz Hair Salon

Makeup | Glam by Kylie Mindick

Cake | Cakes in Art

DJ | DJ Rob Thurber

Flowers | Weavers Fresh Cut Flowers Loveville, Md

Dress | Champagne Taste Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaids | Davids Bridal

Groom | Mens Warehouse

November 6, 2020

A September Wedding at Landino Farm

Carie Ann and Johnny

You couldn’t ask for better weather for a backyard ceremony than the September evenings. Carie Ann and Johnny had to reschedule their big day from May of this year to September but there was no doubt that it was the perfect decision.

Carie Ann and Johnny had their ceremony at their family’s property in Charlotte Hall, Md and a reception under a tent right after. Little did they know that the very same place they had the engagement session is where they would get married! (Check out some of the images of their engagement session HERE on my Instagram.) This private ceremony and reception made all of their wedding dreams come true. They had the pleasure of having their children, their family and friends celebrate all evening with them, dancing, singing, riding four wheelers and dirt bikes.

I am so happy, even with COVID in the mix, that they got to have the wedding of their dreams and be able to celebrate the same year they originally planned. I am so happy i was able to capture their day and was able to document it so beautifully, something they will be able to enjoy for a life time!

September 21, 2020

A September Backyard Southern Maryland Wedding

Sarah and Grady

With fall approaching quickly, the vibes from Sarah and Grady’s engagement shoot are making me so happy! Sarah put so much thought into their outfits for their shoot at her family’s farm in Waldorf, and it shows! Fall engagements are my JAM!

I met up with Sarah, Grady and my friend Casey! Casey will be the oh-so-lucky gal that gets to shoot these love birds’ wedding next October! (Go check her out she is BOMB!) She drove all the way up here from Richmond to meet, greet and shoot along side of me! So much fun!

We drove back onto Sarah’s family’s farm, chatted in the car about our love of our babies (our dogs lol!), about what they do for a living and about how huge the farm is! Miles of corn fields, woods and a pond is literally perfect for any outdoorsy type… hence why they are having their session here! They spend so much time here together with their 2 dogs. They fish, hunt and so much more!

I am just drooling over how beautiful Sarah looks and how much Grady adores her. I can’t wait to see pictured from your wedding next year! You guys are going to be the most beautiful couple!

September 19, 2020

A Romantic Fall Farm Engagement

Britt and Mo

Hats off to the first wedding of the year with this beautiful, low key, intimate ceremony and backyard reception in Deale! Britt and Mo made a decision (like so many other brides this year) to reschedule their big day and due to the COVID restrictions, they decided to make is a more intimate approach!

They found a secluded park right on the Chesapeake Bay in Deale, Maryland to have their ceremony and took their party bus back to Britt’s childhood home where her parents still live to have their reception. The tables and chairs were graciously dropped off by Barnes Farmhouse Tables, Britt and Mo made their signs in their very own at home woodworking shop (check out their work, its incredible!), and they also made all the bouquets BY HAND out of wood shavings!

Unfortunately, due to COVID, Mo’s family wasn’t able to make it, so they joined in via FaceTime and zoom! It was absolutely heart warming to see them all together, dressed up, watching the ceremony. I know its not ideal, but it is really the next best thing! (thank you technology!)

I dearly enjoyed spending time with Britt, Mo and their whole family. They were all so kind and welcoming, it really made me feel like one of the family! I am so happy I could be there to be a part of your day!

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Hair and Makeup| Kristen Foster Hair Artistry

Rentals | Barnes Farmhouse Tables

September 19, 2020

An Intimate Boho Wedding in Deale, Maryland

Megan and Billy

I had such an amazing time with Megan and Billy during their engagement session in Golden Beach! Not many people get to say they live within a golf cart rides distance from a river side beach, but they can! I couldn’t imagine being able to spend summer days, evenings, and mornings walking down the beach or sitting in the pier! How relaxing!

Megan and Billy are one of my many JKP 2021 couples! Their story started at this very beach who is where place they spend their time. There is so much significance on the decision to do their shoot here and here is why. Billy proposed right here at this very spot! 

After meeting with Megan for our first consultation meeting, i knew immediately we had so much in common and that we were PERFECT for each other! From our love of hunting, dogs, wine and just being plain goofy, we were practically already BFFs! Later that night, she dropped the news that her and Billy wanted me to be their photographer and let me tell you, I was pumped! 

Hanging out with these two for their session was nothing less than amazing. 

I can’t wait to see you both say “I Do” next October!

Warm wishes,

Jenna Keys♥

Megan and Billy Engagement0274_WEB-1.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement0052_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement0043_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement0401_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement0338_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement0614_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement0639_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement0547_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement0387_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement1175_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement1263_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement1237_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement1649_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement1971_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement1822_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement2090_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement2484_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement2067_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement2228_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement2527_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement2653_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement2845_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement2785_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement2902_WEB.jpg

Megan and Billy Engagement2941_WEB.jpg

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July 11, 2020

A Summer Engagement in Golden Beach

Kristina and Al

It’s always nerve wracking seeing rain in the forecast the day of any session, especially when it’s looking a little stormy an hour before a session!  Kristina was such a sweetheart and put all her trust in me to make the magic happen for her and Al. So of course, before the session I ran to Target and got a few clear umbrellas “just in case”.

When we showed up, the skies were so so dark but thank goodness no rain! I thought we were good. We walked back into the fields and started shooting and it was going amazing! The cloudy sky made the perfect lighting! About 20 minutes into the session, it starts raining and (unbelievably) HAILING! And, naturally, guess where i left the umbrellas…? IN THE CAR! So here i am sprinting back to the car to get the umbrellas and by the time i get there, the rain stops! It was nuts! But thank goodness it stopped because the magic was unreal!

These two lovebirds met about a year and a half ago at the hospital where Kristina works. Al came in with a critical patient and it was love at first sight! They have such a connection that glows and radiates when they are together which makes my job so much easier! they are so in love and they are both beautiful inside and out!

Their session was nothing short of amazing! Chapel Point State Park is one of my most favorite locations for sessions and i was so happy Kristina and Al drove down to Charles County for their session. I come here any chance i get with clients and with my doggo’s. They absolutely were rockstars, sticking it out through the rain, cold, and wind on the beach! They learned so quickly and had a blast doing it! When it comes to wedding day, they are going to be ready 100%.

I am SO excited for their beach themed wedding this October and i’m so blessed that they chose me to capture their special day for them! I can’t wait!

Much Love,



March 17, 2020

An Overcast Chapel Point Engagement

Chris and Mary Beth

Chris and Mary Beth are celebrating their engagement by enjoying the beautiful sunset and the views at Jefferson Patterson Park! After a little research, I knew this would be the perfect place for their session!

When we met up for our meet and greet consultation just last month at Starbucks, I couldn’t help but notice how much love these two truly have for each other!  Chris seriously wants and does the utmost for Mary Beth. (and i mean do you blame him!? She is gorg!) I am so excited for their backyard country wedding this September!

Chris proposed to Mary Beth surrounded by their families while on a vacation in Massanutten! Mary Beth was shocked when Chris got down on one knee and popped the question! How awesome is that!? Goals! Proposal on a mountain, with your family, with an amazing view and an amazing ring! Simply. Perfect!

Chris and Mary Beth’s session was like a dream! The views and sunset at Jefferson Patterson Park was just like that jackpot i was talking about earlier! We had so much fun walking around, catching up and learning all the things that will make their wedding day portraits 100X less awkward and more enjoyable! They rocked all the poses and looked AMAZING doing them! I think its safe to say their nerves quickly left and started having fun!

I am so thankful for these two and am truly blessed to have people like this come into my life!

Much Love,




March 5, 2020

A Sunset Engagement at Jefferson Patterson Park

The Sweeny Family

It is so crazy to think the last time I got the pleasure to photograph this family, this little princess was still a bun in the oven! That was last August! Kari, Ross and Kaiden met in the morning at Greenwell State Park and captured some baby belly magic! It was hot, humid and we were being attacked by mosquitos and horse flies! That did not stop us! Kari brought onesies that she made with her cricut! She also makes and sells bows for you baby girl! Check her out on Facebook! (She is definitely the crafty type! and good at it!)

This time, it was much colder and thank goodness… NO BUGS! Still no disappointments here! Little Logan was as happy as she could be and had enough smiles to go around! We met at Newtown Neck State Park and jumped right to it! But because it was an overcast day, it made it much colder! (but made for some amazing light!) Kari had it all planned out! From the outfits (yes, she made the onesie!), to the mirror idea she found on Pinterest, the tutu, pearls and hats! Dressed to the nines!!! She called it her Shania Twain outfits! Ms. Logan was just as cute a a button and the previous family of 3 that is now a family of 4 is just a beautiful as ever!

I am so thankful for the Sweeney family for trusting me to capture their family and all of their milestones! They are such a joy to work with and I am looking forward to watching their family grow over the years!

Much Love, Jenna


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February 18, 2020

A Cold Family Session in Leonardtown

A Year in Review…

2019 was a bittersweet year for JKP. I have had some amazing opportunities, met some unforgettable people and took to beautiful photos.

2020 is going to be LIT AF! I have so many new Southern Maryland weddings AND a Virginia wedding this year! Your girl is SO excited to invite into the #JKPCouple family with open arms!

Check out some of the magic that happened this year and keep an eye out for new posts and the newly updated website!


January 18, 2020

Families, Couples and Beautiful Brides| 2019 Year in Review