Megan and Billy

I had such an amazing time with Megan and Billy during their engagement session in Golden Beach! Not many people get to say they live within a golf cart rides distance from a river side beach, but they can! I couldn’t imagine being able to spend summer days, evenings, and mornings walking down the beach or sitting in the pier! How relaxing!

Megan and Billy are one of my many JKP 2021 couples! Their story started at this very beach who is where place they spend their time. There is so much significance on the decision to do their shoot here and here is why. Billy proposed right here at this very spot! 

After meeting with Megan for our first consultation meeting, i knew immediately we had so much in common and that we were PERFECT for each other! From our love of hunting, dogs, wine and just being plain goofy, we were practically already BFFs! Later that night, she dropped the news that her and Billy wanted me to be their photographer and let me tell you, I was pumped! 

Hanging out with these two for their session was nothing less than amazing. 

I can’t wait to see you both say “I Do” next October!

Warm wishes,

Jenna Keys♥

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July 11, 2020

A Summer Engagement in Golden Beach

Kristina and Al

It’s always nerve wracking seeing rain in the forecast the day of any session, especially when it’s looking a little stormy an hour before a session!  Kristina was such a sweetheart and put all her trust in me to make the magic happen for her and Al. So of course, before the session I ran to Target and got a few clear umbrellas “just in case”.

When we showed up, the skies were so so dark but thank goodness no rain! I thought we were good. We walked back into the fields and started shooting and it was going amazing! The cloudy sky made the perfect lighting! About 20 minutes into the session, it starts raining and (unbelievably) HAILING! And, naturally, guess where i left the umbrellas…? IN THE CAR! So here i am sprinting back to the car to get the umbrellas and by the time i get there, the rain stops! It was nuts! But thank goodness it stopped because the magic was unreal!

These two lovebirds met about a year and a half ago at the hospital where Kristina works. Al came in with a critical patient and it was love at first sight! They have such a connection that glows and radiates when they are together which makes my job so much easier! they are so in love and they are both beautiful inside and out!

Their session was nothing short of amazing! Chapel Point State Park is one of my most favorite locations for sessions and i was so happy Kristina and Al drove down to Charles County for their session. I come here any chance i get with clients and with my doggo’s. They absolutely were rockstars, sticking it out through the rain, cold, and wind on the beach! They learned so quickly and had a blast doing it! When it comes to wedding day, they are going to be ready 100%.

I am SO excited for their beach themed wedding this October and i’m so blessed that they chose me to capture their special day for them! I can’t wait!

Much Love,



March 17, 2020

An Overcast Chapel Point Engagement