Britt and Mo

Hats off to the first wedding of the year with this beautiful, low key, intimate ceremony and backyard reception in Deale! Britt and Mo made a decision (like so many other brides this year) to reschedule their big day and due to the COVID restrictions, they decided to make is a more intimate approach!

They found a secluded park right on the Chesapeake Bay in Deale, Maryland to have their ceremony and took their party bus back to Britt’s childhood home where her parents still live to have their reception. The tables and chairs were graciously dropped off by Barnes Farmhouse Tables, Britt and Mo made their signs in their very own at home woodworking shop (check out their work, its incredible!), and they also made all the bouquets BY HAND out of wood shavings!

Unfortunately, due to COVID, Mo’s family wasn’t able to make it, so they joined in via FaceTime and zoom! It was absolutely heart warming to see them all together, dressed up, watching the ceremony. I know its not ideal, but it is really the next best thing! (thank you technology!)

I dearly enjoyed spending time with Britt, Mo and their whole family. They were all so kind and welcoming, it really made me feel like one of the family! I am so happy I could be there to be a part of your day!

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Hair and Makeup| Kristen Foster Hair Artistry

Rentals | Barnes Farmhouse Tables

September 19, 2020

An Intimate Boho Wedding in Deale, Maryland